Do not judge a book by its genre.


I’m currently reading Batman: Knightfall, a novelization written by Dennis O’Neil about the Knightfall/Knightquest/Knightsend arcs of the comic books. I was looking for scans of the actual comic but the novel was more accessible. I expected myself to trudge along with it but surprisingly, I’m done with the Knightfall arc and if that wasn’t mind-blowing, then I don’t know what is.

There is little that is so much more heartbreaking than seeing a hero incapacitated by a madman who kills to “silence a grating voice. To darken the light in eyes that dared to look at him.” Oh wow, Bane. Batman is a hero, and breaking him both physically and emotionally is bound to break hearts.
It’s odd “reviewing” a book long before finishing it, which is basically what I’m doing right now. So many things are  going on in my mind right now for me to do anything else, so I might just get this all out and get it over with. This novel is really good. I am pretty surprised to find a novelization of a comic book to be well-written considering Star Trek novels are mostly rubbish. But yeah,don’t judge a book by its genre, or by other books that it was patterned after. Dennis O’Neil knows his shit.
If you care about goodness in the world, you’d love superheroes and you’d love Batman and you’d love this book. PM me if you want a copy lol.