Going Postal: “I commend my soul to any god that can find it.”

Done reading Going Postal earlier today. It’s my third Discworld book and it was fantastic. I didn’t think I would like reading about the post office and postmasters and clanks and semaphores but Terry Pratchett can do no wrong. That man is a genius.

I’m too tired to write a proper review of Going Postal right now so here’s an animated picture of the Great A’tuin for you to enjoy:


Started Colour of Magic but then The Graveyard Book reared its ugly head so I’m gonna finish that one off before going back to CoM. I can’t believe Colour of Magic was first published in 1983, and I didn’t get to read my first Discworld book ’til 2012.

On a side note, I really should check out more British authors. British humor and sarcasm make me laugh the hardest (Douglas Adams, Stephen Fry, Doctor Who?). And they always sound so prim and polite!


Author: Dar @ thebookexperience


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