Current Read: The Wise Man’s Fear

Oh, hello. I’m still in the middle of re-reading The Wise Man’s Fear. The whole experience is still as fun as the first reading, and it’s a nice gateway book to fantasy after reading too many non-genre books this month. I always have this itch when I read too many books that doesn’t have any magic, spaceships, or swords in them – a persistent hankering for something that makes me feel at home. Books from any other genre would eventually feel like a burden, no matter how good they are.

My copy of The Wise Man’s Fear is one of my most prized recent possessions. It’s a first edition and mint, meaning I haven’t read the story on the paper book since I’m deathly scared of breaking the spine. It’s silly, I know, but you do what you want do even if it doesn’t make sense sometimes. So yeah, I’ve read the book twice in my Kindle Touch and in Kindle apps for the PC. My Kindle Touch is amazing and I love it, and its accompanying apps (for PC, iOS and Android) are all neat. I highly recommend them.


I highly recommend the book too. It’s fun and full of adventure. It is quite long though, so you get stuck with it for some time, especially when you’re up to your nose in office work, like I am these days. I squeeze in reading on my commute to/from work, when I feel exhausted in the office and when I feed my cat. I’m going on a holiday soon though, so I should get more reading done by then.

See you around!



Author: Dar @ thebookexperience

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