February: Books, Coffee, Charchar, Anime, and Caves

I’ll be on my way to Manila and Baguio in a few hours and won’t be back ’til days later. It’s February 2013 tomorrow (!!!), which is crazy since it feels like I just spent the New Year a few days ago. Regardless, I think February’s going to be a great month.

I’m still in the middle of The Wise Man’s Fear and when I finish it, I don’t know what to read next. Well, I always don’t know what to read next anyway (I just pick up what feels right at the moment), so I’m really hoping I won’t finish this during the vacation because I’d be restless with the limited book choices I have in my Kindle. We’ll see!!

As early as last week, I already have all my weekends booked. So many events to look forward to, here’s some of them:

February 2-3, 2013: Personal holiday in the North. It’s my mom’s birthday, and my boyfriend’s a few days later and we decided to spend some time in Manila, mostly to go shopping for toys. We don’t want to spend a hefty airfare just to shop though (we’re poor cats), so we decided to squeeze in a couple of days in Baguio too. I have a friend who’s based in that cold city and is willing to drive us around. Another friend also volunteered to check on my cats while we’re gone (we scheduled the trip way before the adoption), and we are sooooo grateful for this… sacrifice.

February 9, 2013: La Belle Aurore is serving coffee all Saturdays of February! My favorite bookshop in Cebu City is teaming up with Boots Coffee Bar to serve “exotic and specialty single origin coffee brewed in different manual methods.” They’ll be serving Kape di Mutit (aka Kopi Luwak, Civet Cat Coffee), and I’m excited to finally try it.

Here’s the sched:

Feb 2 & 9 in Junquera:
Ethiopian Sidamo
El Salvador
Kalinga Brew
Kape di Mutit (aka Kopi Luwak, Civet Cat Coffee)

Feb 16 & 23 in H. Cortes:
Kenya AA Karumandi/ Kichwa Tembo
Costa Rica Monte Paso Microlot
Kalinga Brew
Kape di Mutit (aka Kopi Luwak, Civet Cat Coffee)

Brewing Methods and Price:
V60 Pour Over:
Specialty Single Origin . . . . . P85
Kalinga Brew Blend . . . . . . . .P65
Kape di Mutit . . . . . . . . . . . P120

French Press:
Specialty Single Origin . . . . . P75
Kalinga Brew Blend . . . . . . . .P55
Kape di Mutit . . . . . . . . . . . P110

Vietnamese Phin:
Specialty Single Origin . . . . . P70
Kalinga Brew Blend . . . . . . . .P50
Kape di Mutit . . . . . . . . . . . P100

Please do drop by. If you like coffee, this is going to be exciting. If you don’t, there will be books. Coffee will be served from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M., I think. Check out the FB event page here.

Also on February 9, 7:30 P.M. is a Valentines/Char-char Event also at La Belle Aurore. It’s called Lovebug / Labhag. It’s not easy explaining the bisaya humor in this, but I found the event name very amusing.
Please do join us at the FB event page here. We’ve been sharing our favorite love poems and other char-char notes there. It’s a hoot.

February 16, 2013: UP Otakufest VI: A History of Magic! This is a yearly gathering of anime cosplayers and enthusiasts to… have fun. I shared last year’s event with some guys I play D&D with. It’s always fun and I get to see the guys from school again. My boyfriend’s band is performing too (as they always do, every year).


I usually go there just to hang out, since I’ve drifted apart from the whole anime culture (which I used to be obsessed with, BTW). I still enjoy seeing kids in costumes though.

February 23, 2013: We’re possibly going on an outdoor adventure trip in Danasan. I’m not really the outdoorsy type but I love spelunking and there are cave tours offered in some of their adventure packages. This activity is still too far out though so things could change.

I’m sorry for blabbering. I’m waiting for time to pass so I can get out of here and go straight to the airport.


Author: Dar @ thebookexperience


2 thoughts on “February: Books, Coffee, Charchar, Anime, and Caves”

  1. Good to know that your February will be jam-packed with lots of fun. And oh hey, I love poetry and anime too! I also have a book for you already so do let me know when you’re all set so I can ship it. Enjoy your trip, Darliza. ๐Ÿ™‚

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