Saturday Date Night

My partner and I decided to go out for dinner last night. I know that weekend dinners will always lead us to coffee or tea shops as a night cap so I made sure I had my Kindle with me, but on the last minute, I grabbed the book Darden gave me this month and shoved it in my partner’s backpack.

I ended up reading the real book instead.


I read the first short story in the collection: Cassandra Clare’s Some Fortunate Future Day.


Some Fortunate Future Day was set in the midst of a war on an alternate world. It talks about Rose and her father’s inventions, and Rose’s adventures with them. The story is a typical science fiction but darker and feels more… rusty. Don’t trust me though since I always regarded steam punk as unpolished science fiction – grittier and darker.

It always feel forced to prepare a review longer than it took the time to read the literature. So I’ll leave you some handwritten notes for now.

What to expect from Some Fortunate Future Day?

Bonus picture of aforementioned partner:


Author: Dar @ thebookexperience

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