Paul Pope’s Heavy Liquid

Heavy Liquid is my second Paul Pope book after the thoroughly entertaining Battling Boy (which, I noticed, I have not written about lol), and I can see why my friend (i.e. Pope mega fanboy) kept noting about Pope’s self-indulgence in this book. I know that Paul Pope enjoys inking and there’s not a book that would attest to that as much as Heavy Liquid did.


Heavy Liquid is a bizarre story about S (short for Stooge), and a heavy liquid – a mysterious, precious metal S has stolen from one of the clown gangs of the city. For a man who both writes and illustrates his books, Paul Pope did incredibly well with the dynamism and intensity of the story and the art was interesting with some gorgeous, gorgeous stand-alone pieces. I admit that it was a bit off-putting at first – I have not been exposed to art so inked that it was initially disconcerting but the visual noise Pope rendered fits very well with the cyber-punk, thriller setting.


The story was also pretty entertaining – a scifi detective thriller in a future setting, with that insane clown posse with cubist masks; a hilarious cray cray girl gang; an art collector that reminds me of Mr. Motley; friends leaving; leaving friends; and a love lost, found and lost again.

The art fits the mood of the story so well too that reading it felt like reading a somber rock and roll song – heavy, fun, but sad.  Like, like… Interpol in graphic format.

I enjoyed this book very much and I’m glad to be exploring some new, fun, and good comic books. I can’t wait to read 100% after this.



Author: Dar @ thebookexperience

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