Friday’s 7 Happy Things

When something makes me happy on Tuesday or Wednesday, the over-sharing part of my brain makes a tentative list of things that made me smile during the week, so far. Come Friday though, I get cranky and grumpy and who cares about all the good things that happened when I just want to take a nap, right? I still want to take a nap right now but I can’t and I hate everyone so here’s a list of things that made me smile the last few days, even if I’m not smiling at the moment. Also, I didn’t make it to 10 😦

1. Alessia Cara

Her EP is precious and she sounds like young Justin Bieber but smarter. Here is a gem and I feel it so much because I hate hate hate going out these days.

2. Disclosure’s Caracal

Checked it out for Lorde’s Magnets and stayed for Jaded. I love the direction they’re taking with this new album because I was not a fan of their disco/club groove in Settle (2014). Except for Latch. Everybody liked Latch.

3. Miranda July interviewing Rihanna

Looking at her, I was reminded that thousands of people search ‘‘Rihanna’s eyes’’ every year. And there they were: a pair of dizzying hazel-green starbursts. I took another gulp of wine. ‘‘What turns you on?’’

It made a stronger Miranda July and Rihanna fan out of me. Bad gal Riri so precious.

4. My new Bodum mug and (5.) the fancy-schmancy yellow submarine tea infuser.


That Bodum mug feels so luxurious and beautiful, and something I know I don’t need but I’m so glad I have it in my home right now. (Thanks, Poy). I picked up the tea infuser at Homeless in Hong Kong and they’re a match made in heaven.

6. Pam Pinto Rojas
I was looking through my Instagram feed when I saw this piece:

… and I liked it so much, that I wanted to make this list just so I could feature it. She’s amazing and her aesthetics are on fleek.

I wish I could add everything from her feed because they are all very beautiful to me. You can check every other beautiful thing she does over here.

7. HER/A An All-Female Exhibit

My boyfriend went out of his way to drive my curious face over to the other side of the city to check out an art exhibit. I was supposed to attend the opening but I had an earlier-planned dinner and the gallery was out of the way. I was glad we checked it out over the weekend. Here are some of my favorites:

Maude by Joan Florido @ HER/A An All-Female Art Exhibit

A post shared by d'awwhiza (@dardarness) on

One of my faves. #artph #artcebu @ HER/A An All-Female Exhibit

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At HER/A An All-Female Exhibit.

A post shared by d'awwhiza (@dardarness) on


A post shared by d'awwhiza (@dardarness) on

I love looking at art. I realized, on the ride back home from the day’s excursion, that I feel incredibly light and filled with nice fluffy feelings. I felt unusually nice that day and I blame it all on the joy I feel at looking at pretty things.


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