Light by Rob Cham; and Limbo by Playdead

Light is a worldless comic book created by Rob Cham and released by Anino in 2015. The pages are framed in black and features a backpack-toting, nameless fella that travels across different lands, and encounters and battles different monsters in his mysterious quest.

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His journey unfolds delightfully in pitch black backgrounds, with the occasional peppering of colors to signify a milestone. The illustrations are beautifully rendered in the limited color palette that Rob Cham chooses and reminds me a lot of Limbo, a wordless puzzle-platform game made by independent Danish game developer Playdead.


Both titles play around with black and white, they have beautiful visuals, and both tease their audiences with a mystery (What are these kids up to?) that makes us want to keep going til the very end.


Great experiences were had for both titles, and it was curious to be experiencing two works that have so many parallels yet were expressed in different media. Light is Rob Cham’s second collection after Confictura, and Limbo is the first title by Playdead. Seeing how their early works have easily hit home run for me, I’m excited to see what they have for us next.

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Light is available in local bookstores (National Bookstore, for sure), and Limbo can be played on PS4, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, And EVERYWHERE.


Author: Dar @ thebookexperience

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