On My Writing

My writing got published on SunStar Weekend last Sunday. It was amusing but also very embarrassing. Do you know how it is with actors who can’t stand watching themselves on screen? How looking at themselves through the eyes of an audience makes them cringe and squirm with discomfort? That is me, but with published work, most especially with very personal pieces that you never really think would go anywhere.

So why publish then? Why go through the ordeal of looking at all the ways your piece has gone wrong, or why this line isn’t working, and suddenly seeing ways to improve a sentence or a point after the fact? Why open yourself up to the world?

It’s probably hubris – a tiny voice in you that dreams a little more than being read by a handful of friends. It’s probably just wanting to write about the painful things and later realizing that these deep, painful things that always felt like yours and yours alone, are part of a bigger, grander pain that are endured by other people too.

Writing has always been therapeutic to me, it has always comforted me and made me feel less lonely. In the process of sharing my experiences with the world, I hope I made other people feel less lonely too.


Author: Dar @ thebookexperience


One thought on “On My Writing”

  1. Pssst! Been to Dice Kong last Friday. I asked Poy how you are. Hehe!

    Out of nowhere yesterday, I remembered you. July mentioned about this post. Haha Sayop pa gyud pagka-wording…Big time independence man guro to. Haha! Anyways, just like usual, it was a passing comment then today accidentally stumbled into it. Lol

    Taas2x siya ug giagian na posts nyahaha Nagbasabasa ko sa akong recent post then another post..then the “Hit the Gym!” post where a certain “Dar” commented. Na-amaze ko kay ikaw man diay to. Haha Not sure if I realized na nga ikaw to when you commented sauna. Hahaha

    “Writing has always been therapeutic to me, it has always comforted me and made me feel less lonely. In the process of sharing my experiences with the world, I hope I made other people feel less lonely too.” => ME TOO!!! And your “Summertime big-girl independence” post made me cry. T_T Ka-relate ko some parts. T_T

    Take care always Dar. See you when I see you. Goodluck and God bless sa new career role. 🙂

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