About The Book Experience


Hi, I’m Dar. This blog is about stories in and out of the pages.


11 thoughts on “About The Book Experience”

  1. Hi! Great Blog! I just subscribed. :)) Are you interested in book swapping? I’ve been wanting to do one with a complete stranger for such a long time now, and for some insane inexplicable reason, I feel that I could trust you to be a book swap buddy. Haha, but if you find this too strange, that’s okay. Here’s to a more kick-ass year in reading for 2013! Cheers! :))

    1. Hi! Thanks for following back. Book swapping sounds wonderful but I’m not sure how to go about it. Where are you from? 🙂 I’m from Cebu City. Maybe we can work something out. Keep in touch. 🙂

      Happy new year! May your 2013 be filled with books.

      1. Cool, maybe we can start with used books so we don’t have to spend too much? I have a spare copy of a book I loooove so much and I’ve been dying to send it to someone anonymous just for the sake of sharing the extraordinary reading experience I’ve had with it. Just for kicks, lol. Also, so that I could discuss it in-depth with a fellow bibliophile. See, I don’t have a lot of friends who read as extensively as I do, so yeah, I’m kinda sad and desperate for someone to fangirl/argue with.

        I’m from Manila by the way. I figured it’s really going to be a wee bit costlier since it’s domestic shipping and all, so I think I should probably send you a book first. I’ll give you time to mull things over on whether you’d like to send me a book back or not. (In the event that you find my book choice utterly horrible, for instance, please don’t feel obligated to send something back, haha.)
        Do you have a Goodreads Account? I’ll add you up and maybe we can message each other’s addresses there, will that work?

        This is something new I’d been wanting to do for the new year, and I really am eager to meet fellow book bloggers here in the Philippines, so my apologies if I really sound so overly-enthusiastic. Haha. (In the very words of the TFG Book club: CLINGY. Lol.) It’s okay if this won’t work, it’s still a raw idea after all, but hey, thanks for indulging me! Hehe. Cheers! 🙂

    1. Hi! I’m not sure if it’s still around but I used to buy second-hand books in Cebu Thrift House. It’s located at the back of Gaisano Main in Colon. The selections there are pretty random though, and I don’t remember airconditioning so it might not be as comfortable as looking for books in La Belle Aurore or at the malls.

  2. Hi! May I invite you to a gathering (we call it book party, though) of Cebu Book Club members, would-be members, or simply lovers of book, on Aug. 30, 1:30-5 p.m. at the Cebu City Public Library?

    Help us spread the word! Bring your friends along. Be sure to have them registered at the Eventbrite page we will be putting up for the book party! And have them join this event page so they’ll be updated of exciting posts!

    Poster, program details, and other bookish stuff will be posted soon enough!


    Here is the link to the Facebook event page:


    1. I saw it last month but didn’t get to check it out for long. I’m flying out of the island tomorrow and will head to the airport early! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me.

      1. That’s great. =) I hope they’ve refurbished their titles. The ones I saw weren’t that good anymore. My best find was Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Have a great time, and safe travels. =)

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