Excitatory Amphigorey

Last weekend was Arch Con X, a now-annual event that was flooded by geeks from Cebu and the nearby islands. No earthquake or aftershock could stop people from flocking over at Ayala Center; the place was packed! A friend and I were exchanging morbid jokes about how every Cebuano geek dies if an earthquake strikes and decimates the mall during the event. Okay, maybe not all but A LOT of nerds will perish – in fancy-shmancy costumes too (or holding a comic book, or an MTG card, or an action figure – whatever floats your nerdy boat.)  I didn’t participate because, *cough cough* I insist that I am not that geeky.

I did manage to land a pic with this lovely lad.

ArchCon Cebu
“Life’s a bowl of cherries and this is the pits.”

More importantly, Saturday found me at Fullybooked’s graphic book and comics sale, an event I gladly participated by buying Amphigorey Again. I really didn’t want to drop by because I am working on my maturity and EQ levels but a little peek won’t hurt, would it? Well, that little peek found me this book which I am proud to say that I resisted – for a while. I mean, I did manage to get past about 20 meters from the store, bought coffee, sat down, mulled things over before getting horrified by the thought of an undeserving man getting this book instead of me (the more deserving reader, obviously).

The five minutes that passed between me seeing this Gorey collection suddenly made me NEED this book, so I snatched it up. My EQ and maturity levels might have crashed but my soul was soaring. This is definitely one of the best books I’ve bought this year.

Amphigorey Again is the fourth collection of Gorey’s previously uncollected works after Amphigorey: Fifteen Books, Amphigorey Too, and Amphigorey Also. All are perfectly awesome books, I am certain, and I need them to be in my collection as well.

There is something uniquely engrossing with Gorey’s works. I was having attention span issues the last few days but Amphigorey Again just got me hook, line and sinker. What a wonderful collection of absurd, morbidly funny, and beautiful stories and illustrations.

Since I don’t have the time (and the attention span) to take good photos of the book right now, here are some phone pictures I instagramm’d the frak out of to tide you over.

I’m definitely a wee bit poorer now but everything is beautiful and nothing hurt.